White Papers & Reports

  Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Care: Volume 2: Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety



Improving Pediatric Cardiac Care with Continuous Quality Improvement Methods and Tools, Springer 2015



Chapter 5 – Teams, Team Training and the Role of Simulation, Springer 2015



Chapter 23 – Leadership, Surgeon Well-Being and Other Non-technical Aspects of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Springer 2015




Chapter 34 – Design of Cardiac Surgery Operating Rooms and the Impact of the Built Environment, Springer 2015



Prorities in risk management for patient safety 




Mixed Methods: Improving the assessment of safety culture in healthcare 




Learn how to reduce risk for patients and health care organizations through primary source verification of health care professionals.

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Closing The Gap Between Theory and Practice         




The Future of Health Index by Philips 

The Role of Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support in the Delivery of Integrated Care

 Smart Content and Technology Helps Healthcare Professionals Reduce Medication Errors and Enhance Patient Safety


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